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Daily quests allow the character to receive individual rewards for various actions: leveling up the character, hunting monsters, participating in the Olympics or Siege, and other activities.

Quests are divided into 4 sections: hunting, raids, system and development. Each section contains the corresponding tasks. A number will appear above the section tab if the character has fulfilled the conditions of any task and you can get a reward.

DescriptionAwards window
There are several types of daily tasks. Some of them are completed only once, for example, a quest to increase the level of the character, while others can be repeated from day to day.

Unavailable quests are marked with a lock symbol, which means that the conditions for completing the quest have not been met.

In the daily tasks window, you can see the progress, update times and rewards for tasks.​


  • One-time missions cannot be repeated.
  • Daily quests are reset every day at 6:30 am.
  • Weekly assignments are reset every Monday at 6:30 am.
Task list
Mission TypeThe taskAvailability conditionsTermination conditionsReward
RecurringDaily Hunt I
(Level 20 and below)

Daily Hunt I
(Level 20 and below)
Kill 30 monsters.
The reward is given for killing any 30 monsters.
Available every day. Monsters 5 or more levels below the character are not counted.
Рисовый Пирожок Пылающего Боевого Духа Rice Cake of Flaming Fighting Spirit Event — 1 PC.
Самоцветная Монета Jewel Coin — 5 PC.
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