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The revenge system allows you to take revenge on the culprit of the character's death.

General information
  • When a character dies at the hands of another hero, a symbol has been added to the upper right of the interface that marks the name of the killer.
  • You can open the revenge menu by clicking on the revenge notification icon or through the general menu (Alt + X -> Revenge).
The Revenge menu is available for 24 hours.
after death and contains the following information:
The level and name of the killer character.
Assassin character clan.
Information about the class of the character-killer.
Time of death.
Information about whether the assassin character is online.

The revenge menu appears as a result of normal deaths due to PvP / PK, including due to clan wars​
  • It does not appear in the following cases:
    • The character was killed by a monster (including a raid boss).
    • Death while participating in PvP content (Sieges, Arena, Olympiad).
  • Revenge menu supports target location alert and teleport function for revenge.
  • The function of target location and teleportation to it is available 5 times a day, the reset occurs daily at 6:30 am.
  • Target location function is provided free of charge once, and adena commission is charged from the second time.
  • For the function of teleporting to the target, a commission is charged in the form of L Coins, starting from the 1st time.
  • When teleporting, the Avenger is given the "Hide" effect so that he can safely get to the target and strike first.
  • Teleport is not available to special zones:
    • Peace zone
    • Time zones
    • Some hunting areas
    • Siege Zone