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General information
  • The Olympics are fights between players of different classes.
  • Characters of level 70 can take part in the Olympiad. and above who have completed the 2nd class transfer.
  • The Olympiad cycle lasts a week.
  • The fights are held from Monday to Saturday from 21:00 to 23:00 Moscow time.
  • You can take part in the competition up to 5 times a day.
  • During the competition, the Olympiad icon appears to the left of the minimap. To open the Olympiad window, click on this icon.
    • The Olympiad window can also be opened with the / olympiadstat command.
    • Additionally, the system chat displays the Olympiad statistics: the number of points, victories and defeats.
    • From the Olympiad window, you can go to the rank system interface by clicking on the "Rank" button. The Olympiad rating displays the number of Olympiad points accumulated, the number of victories and defeats, how many times the character was a Hero, as well as all information about his rivals among all servers.
  • In the Olympiad window, you can apply for participation in competitions and see the results of past fights.
  • Every Monday with the start of a new cycle, Olympiad points are reset to 1000.
  • The first place for each of the classes after the end of the cycle is transferred to the state of waiting for heroism (Monday 12:00 Moscow time).
  • The heroic expectation state allows any character to receive the title of Hero with the help of the NPC Monument to Heroes in any city.
  • A character who has become a hero receives the special skill "Hero Miracle"
  • For winning the duel, the characters receive Зелье Восстановления HP Меллисы Melissa's HP Recovery Potion
  • Для соревнований доступно 2 арены:
Olympic StadiumAmphitheater with wooden walls

Olympiad progress
  • During the Olympiad, you must register for participation in a special interface.
    • To the left of the mini-map, a special icon is displayed with a countdown of the remaining time, when you click on it, the Olympiad window opens.
  • When moving to the arena, certain conditions are met:
    • All positive and negative effects that were imposed on the character earlier are preserved, and HP / MP / CP are fully restored 5 seconds after moving.
    • Participants can use any kind of HP / MP / CP potions, buff scrolls, etc. Automatic use of HP potions is also available.
    • Dice and summoned servants are recalled when moved to the arena.
    • Resets the re-use timer for skills that have a cooldown of less than 15 minutes.
    • If during the battle one of the players leaves the game, the victory will be awarded to the remaining one.
    • If the server is restarted during the battle, the fight will be canceled, points from the participants will not be deducted, the fight will not be counted.
  • The Olympiad participants are not able to chat, they also cannot receive private messages.
  • The fight lasts up to 6 minutes or until the HP of one of the opponents drops to 0. If by the end of the fight the participants still have HP above 0, then the victory goes to the character who caused the most damage in the fight.
After registration, the character will not be transferred to the arena and will receive a penalty of 1/5 points in the following cases:​
  • The number of free inventory slots is less than 20% or overweight is more than 80%;​
  • The character is in the process of teleportation;​
  • The character is in a time zone (example: Arena of Clans);​
  • The character is fishing;​
  • The character is dead;​
  • The player initiated the exit from the game or to the choice of the character.​

Rewards for winning the battle

  • The winner in battle receives Зелье Восстановления HP Меллисы Melissa's HP Recovery Potion — 10 pc.,
  • Loser Зелье Восстановления HP Меллисы Melissa's HP Recovery Potion — 1 pc.
  • If there is a draw in the battle, no one will receive the potion.
  • The reward is added to inventory after moving from the arena.
  • There will be no reward at all if the character is deliberately defeated (exit / restart the game) .
Hero status rewards
  • The winner is the character with the most points in his class at the end of the Olympiad cycle.
  • Since the Olympiad is held between two servers, only one character in his class gets the title of hero among all servers, and not on each separately.
  • A character who has become a hero receives a heroic skill for the duration of the rank:
Main effect:
Max. HP +850. Attack increases Atk. Atk., Speed. Magician and Speed. A positive effect is activated that continuously regenerates MP.
Trigger effect:
For 10 sec. Speed Atk. +100, Speed. Magician +100, Speed +20, MP recovers continuously. Reload time: 100 sec.​

Hero's aura and weapon glowVisual element on the Hero's cloak

  • At the end of the hero status, the skill is automatically deleted.
  • The hero also gains a distinctive radiant aura around the character, and the character's equipped weapon begins to emit a bright light. In this case, the character's equipped cloak receives a "visual cloak" in the form of wings. The characteristics of the character and his items do not increase, only visual effects are added.
  • Among other things, the hero has a special chat for sending messages - the Hero's Chat. To do this, you need to add a% sign before starting a chat message. All messages in this chat are colored blue.
  • The delay between re-sending messages to the hero's chat is 10 seconds.
  • The hero's chat cannot be disabled in the game settings.
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